White Label Divi With The Divi Ghoster Plugin


Today we are ecstatic to announce the launch of a plugin we have been working on since December of 2015! Due to being extremely busy and other factors we were forced to put development on hold until recently.

Ladies and Gentleman, we bring you… Divi Ghoster!

What does it do? 

Divi Ghoster is a plugin that allows you to white label Divi so it is not recognizable on the backend of the website. By configuring Divi Ghoster, you can add your own branding to the Divi tab in the dashboard, the page builder & page settings, and theme options. By enabling the “Ultimate Ghoster” option, you can also completely hide the Theme Options under Appearance, the Divi Role Editor and all traces of the plugin being installed. It won’t even appear in the plugins dashboard!

Divi Ghoster also provides a login page customizer, so you can brand the wp-admin page with your own background, logo, colors and more.

Major Features

  • Use on an unlimited number of sites!
  • Add your own favicon and brand name to the Divi Builder and Page Settings
  • Add your own favicon and brand name to the Divi tab within the WordPress Dashboard
  • Hide the Themes Dashboard, so Divi is not visible
  • Customize the Theme Options page and URL Slug with your own brand
  • Completely hide the Divi Ghoster plugin from the dashboard tab and Plugins dashboard.
  • Customize the WordPress Login Page (/wp-admin) with your own background image, logo, colors and links.
  • Automatic updates

Who is it for? 

Divi Ghoster is designed for anyone using Divi for web development, but it was made with freelancers and design agencies in mind. Now web design pros can easily custom brand themselves or their client and give the site that extra ‘WOW’ factor and professional look.

Purchase The Divi Ghoster Plugin Now!

Cory Jenkins

I am a an Avid WordPress User/Developer/Blogger and Co-Founder of Aspen Grove Studios. When I am not designing awesome stuff, I enjoy hanging out with my family, watching baseball and exploring the great outdoors.

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  1. Roberto

    Hey, thanks for so nice plugin!
    Purchased, installed and WOW, my backend finally is mine!!!

  2. Cory Jenkins

    Very happy to hear that Roberto and thank you very much for the support… cheers!

  3. Tom

    Hey Cory, does this plugin work with a german backend?

  4. Thomas

    Purchased, and yes, it works like a charme on a german backend 😉

    • David Blackmon


  5. Greg

    Amazing plugin, it now even renames the Divi Booster plugin love it! I guess the question on everyone mind is will it work with the next release Divi 3, i really hope so as this has to be one of the best plugins out there.

    • Cory Jenkins

      Hey Greg, thanks for the kind words! Once beta testing for 3.0 opens up we will test compatibility as soon as possible, and if there are any conflicts, we will hope to have them resolved by the 3.0 launch 🙂

  6. Robery

    Hi Cory – just bought this but can’t seen any login customiser or option to change the divi default builder colour scheme. Can you please advise?

    • Cory Jenkins

      Hello Robery,

      The button for the login customizer is located within the Dashboard on the very bottom left. Currently our plugin does not offer the functionality to change the default builder color scheme, but we do have this on our list of features for future enhancements.

      If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to open a ticket at https://aspengrovestudios.com/shop/


  7. Timothy Rhodes

    Will this plugin be compatible with the upcoming release of Divi 3.0?

    • David Blackmon

      Yes it is compatible with Divi 3.0


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