What To Expect from the Brand New Caldera Forms Pro Plugin

What To Expect from the Brand New Caldera Forms Pro Plugin

If you’re using Caldera Forms on your WordPress or Divi website, we’ve got some exciting news to share with you!

Our friends at Caldera Labs have just released a brand new product!

Having taken customer feedback, support queries and plugin suggestions to heart, the team at Caldera Labs have developed a premium version of their already-amazing Caldera Forms plugin.

Without a doubt, Caldera Forms is one of the best WordPress form builder plugins around. We’ve been fans of the standard Caldera Forms plugin for ages now, and will, without fail, install it on each and every website we develop. As the only form builder plugin to offer extensive features within the free version, Caldera Forms is, in our opinion, well ahead of the pack.

With such a great product already available, it was hard to comprehend what exactly the team at Caldera Labs added in order to produce the Pro version, but after reading about the new awesome features we were blown away.

If Caldera Forms is ahead of the pack, Caldera Forms Pro wins the race. Every time.


1. Enhanced Form Delivery

One of the biggest stresses in the world of WordPress is the somewhat fragile nature of form submissions. Often times, forms are not sent and webmasters are left in the dark, unawares.

To remedy this, webmasters generally need to integrate their form with a third party service provider to ensure that their forms are in fact functioning correctly and delivering as intended.

Having identified this as one of the biggest pain points of their form users, Caldera Labs has engineered new methods to guarantee reliable form delivery for their users. Accompanying this, Caldera Forms Pro also lets users track their emails to make 100% that they reached their intended destination.


2. Extended Visual Form Builder

Currently, the Caldera Forms plugin allows users to set up automatic response emails to communicate with those that fill out their forms. Caldera Forms Pro takes this process quite a few steps further.

To help users make the most out of their web communication strategies, Caldera Forms Pro includes the option to create customized mail templates that will be used in the initial automated response message chain.

Instead of the rather dull plain text emails that come standard with Caldera Labs, Caldera Forms Pro includes an email layout builder to help users design beautiful, branded and fully responsive emails. Layouts can be reused or created new every time, and can also be shared between sites if desired.



3. Mail Data and Statistics

Previously available as a purchasable add-on accompaniment, Caldera Forms Pro includes integrated detailed data analytics and mail tracking features.

Now, users can track form loading, submission, and even email performance, all from one central location. This is great for helping webmasters validate, refine and improve both their mailing and greater online communication strategy.


4. Form to PDF

To make matters even easier for the webmaster/business owner, Caldera Forms Pro now offers a seamless Form to PDF option.

Offered as an add-on, Caldera Forms PDF allowed webmasters to download a copy of a form submission in PDF format. Caldera Forms Pro takes this further by including the form entry PDF within a mail message for the webmaster as either a downloadable link, attachment or both.

With Caldera Forms Pro, creating high-powered, multi-functional and visually striking forms for your WordPress website couldn’t be easier.

For more information, read Josh the official press release from Caldera Labs’ founder, Josh Pollock, here.


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Lisa-Robyn Keown

Lisa-Robyn is a qualified copywriter and brand strategist from Cape Town, South Africa.