The All New Divi Ghoster 2.0 Is Finally Here! White Label Your Divi Website on the Front and Back End!

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a new Divi Ghoster on the block. We’re so excited to finally bring to you Divi Ghoster 2.0!

After months of waiting, the sequel to our popular Divi exclusive plugin, Divi Ghoster, is finally here! Reconfigured to include a selection of frequently requested features, Divi Ghoster 2.0 has been redeveloped, ground up, with shiny brand new code to bring you an even greater, more efficient, powerful and light-weight plugin that promises you an even better website design and development experience with Divi.

Just a quick note: If you’re already running the original Divi Ghoster plugin on your website, you’ll receive an update notification through your WordPress dashboard (make sure your permalinks are set to something other than default). With just a simply update, Divi Ghoster 2.0 will be ready to go – no need to repurchase! And as before, Divi Ghoster 2.0 is a once-off purchase that you can use on an unlimited number of sites.

A Quick Recap of the Original Divi Ghoster 1.0

The Divi Ghoster is the original plugin for Divi that lets you white label and take full control of the back-end of your Divi website.

Through Divi Ghoster, you’re able to replace all of the site-wide evidence of Divi with custom text and branding – either your own branding or that of your clients. With this, changes will echo across the back-end, and each instance where the Divi name would usually appear – within the page builder, page settings, theme settings as well as the slug text for your URLs – will be replaced by and display your custom branding.

The Divi Ghoster plugin includes an extra special feature called the Ultimate Ghoster, which, when activated, completely hides all evidence of your use of the Divi in development. This will hide the theme selector under the Appearance Tab, the Divi Role Editor and the Divi Ghoster plugin itself from your WordPress dashboard. Also included with the Divi Ghoster plugin is a login customizer which allows you to custom style the default WordPress Login screen to include either your own or your clients’ branding styles. Here, you’re able to add background images or colors, style the login form itself and replacing the WordPress logo with a custom one.

What’s New in Divi Ghoster 2.0

For Divi Ghoster 2.0, the same core white labeling functionality and configuration remains the same with the addition of some new highly sought after features and a few UI tweaks to the plugin’s dashboard interface. The exciting new features, introduced to the Ultimate Ghoster, will allow you to white label even more aspects of your Divi website, allowing you to hide evidence of your use of Divi in development in both the back and front end – both from source code and theme detectors.

After enabling Ultimate Ghoster, all Divi-related plugins (Divi Switch, Divi Booster, Aspen Footer Editor) and the Divi Ghoster plugin itself will be removed from both the WordPress Dashboard menu and installed plugins list. The Divi theme will also be removed from the Appearance > Themes console and in the event that Divi receives an update alert, the update itself will appear as for the custom branded theme, not Divi itself.

With Ultimate Ghoster enabled, your use of Divi in-build will be completely hidden form the source code. Now, when inspecting your website by using the Google Chrome Developer Tools, instead of the source code displaying the relevant information as ‘Divi’, the information will reflect as the name of the text entered in the Branding Name tab.

Also, any use of Divi and the Divi Ghoster plugin will be completely hidden from theme detectors. If you were to enter the URL of your website into one of the theme detector sites (for example, or, your website will display the relevant custom text entered through the Divi Ghoster Dashboard, with not even a hint that Divi or any Divi-related products were used during development.

As with Divi Ghoster 1.0, Divi Ghoster 2.0 is available for once-off purchase and can be used on an unlimited number of sites.

A quick note: Before you enable Ultimate Ghoster, it is imperative that you copy and save the designated URL (specified in the plugin’s Dashboard). Be sure to save this link in a Pages/Word document, a Text Edit file, write it out on a Post-It note and frame it above your workspace. If ever you need to return to the website, you’ll need to revisit this link in order to deactivate Ultimate Ghoster. This will allow your to re-enable the relevant Divi Page Builder settings and similar.

If you do happen to lose the link it’s not a train smash. The supporting Read Me documentation outlines a step-by-step guide detailing how to reactivate the plugin without the link, but that’s a bit of a mission, especially if you’re not one for holding onto your plugin documentation after use, so try to keep the link safe.

Why You Should Be Using Divi Ghoster 2.0

Using Divi Ghoster allows you to completely remove and replace all of the site-wide evidence of Divi with custom text and branding. This, tied in with the Login Customizer, are powerful combinations for really great branding practices. Not only does this make your personal website or your client’s business website look more professional, but it’ll also add a special on-brand touch that will increase the uniqueness and quality of the website.

Beyond that, the new features introduced in Divi Ghoster 2.0 are amazing because not only will your clients have no idea that you’ve used Divi in development, but they also won’t be able to see that you’ve used an additional product to white label the web build. Also, if other developers are interested in how you went about a web build project, their sneaky snooping for inside intel will lead them to a dead end.

What’s Next for Divi Ghoster

Although we’ve just released 2.0, we’re already thinking of our next Divi Ghoster upgrade! The Next Divi Ghoster will include compatibility with the Extra theme by Elegant Themes, as well as compatibility with The Divi Builder plugin itself. This means that if you’re using the Divi Builder plugin in conjunction with any WordPress theme, you’ll be able to make use of the same white labeling functionality.

Okay I’m Sold! Take Me To The Divi Ghoster

If you’re ready to white label your Divi sites, head over to the Aspen Grove Studios shop to purchase the Divi Ghoster 2.0 for only $ 15.00.

Remember, if you’re already using Divi Ghoster 1.0, there’s no need to repurchase as 2.0 will appear in your WordPress Dashboard as a free update.

The installation process is a little bit different this time (don’t worry, it’s nothing major), so either check out the below How-To guide, watch the explanatory video below or refer to the accompanying Read Me documentation.

How to Install Divi Ghoster 2.0

After purchasing the plugin, you’ll receive a download link for the plugin, packaged as a .zip file. Before adding the plugin to your plugin repository, you’ll need to make a quick change to your permalink structure on the WordPress backend.

To do this, navigate to Settings > Permalinks from your WordPress Dashboard Menu and set the permalink structure to any one of the options except ‘Plain’. If you’ve just set up a WordPress website, the ‘Plain’ permalink selection is the default setting, so be sure to change this so that it’s set up correctly from the get-go. If you’re working with an already existing web build, have a double check on your permalink settings and change accordingly if necessary.

If you forget to change the permalink settings, don’t fret – Divi Ghoster includes a permanent reminder note within the in the plugin’s dashboard.

Once the permalinks are set-up correctly, you’re ready to install Divi Ghoster 2.0. Navigate to Plugins > Add New and upload the downloaded .zip file of Divi Ghoster. Once you Activate the plugin, you’ll see a brand new Divi Ghoster tab in your WordPress Dashboard menu.

We really hope that you enjoy using the Divi Ghoster plugin in your web builds! Please feel free to leave us your comments or questions – we love hearing your feedback!

Cory Jenkins

I am a an Avid WordPress User/Developer/Blogger and Co-Founder of Aspen Grove Studios. When I am not designing awesome stuff, I enjoy hanging out with my family, watching baseball and exploring the great outdoors.

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  1. Tom

    I’m already sold but please hide the use of the divi children plugin. Thanks in advance, Tom

  2. RAD Web Marketing

    This new update is awesome! Love that it hides divii from theme detectors. Agree with Tom, I use a child theme and that would be great to hide those on the next iteration as well. Keep up the great work!

    • David Blackmon

      Thanks Ashley! We will add this to the future updates list 🙂

  3. Marco

    is it possible to get a free update, when I’ve purchase the old version?

    • David Blackmon

      Hi Marco yes you should have received an update in your WordPress dashboard for Ghoster 2.0. If you haven’t and you need assistance please open a support ticket and we will be glad to help you. You can open the support ticket here

    • Marco Pfarrkirchner

      Thank you 🙂

  4. Ray

    I’ve already purchased, and looking forward to using it on client sites…the future update for using this on any theme that has the Divi Builder is absolutely epic!

    I was really excited to install this, but won’t for my personal site sadly. If I had one possible suggestion, it would be to allow turning functions on or off individually (default is all off). The reason being, I only want to hide my site from Theme Detectors and add a custom logo on the WP login screen. As my site is in constant development, turning off the plugin each time is not feasible.

    Regardless, keep up the great work!!

  5. Juan Marcos Velasco

    This plug-in is THE BEST! Love that it hides divii from theme detectors. Agree with Tom & RAD, can you also create a Branding Lower Footer” areas so you can easily modify the “Designed by _____ | Power by _________” . Keep up “Branthe great work!

    • David Blackmon

      Hi Juan,

      Thanks for the kind words and we are glad you like our products! That’s not a bad idea, I will look into seeing if it’s possible to incorporate our other plugin Aspen Footer Editor which does that. We have partnered with some of the best Divi plugin Developers and are currently offering a bundle. If the bundle is something you are interested in send me an email to and I will see what we can do for accounting for the plugins you may already have in the bundle.


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