Stopping Spam Comments, Continuing Education and Time Tracking Web Projects – WP The Podcast Recap

Stopping Spam Comments, Continuing Education and Time Tracking Web Projects – WP The Podcast Recap

Hosted by David Blackmon of Aspen Grove Studios and Divi Space, and Tim Strifler of Divi Life and Tim Strifler Online Solutions, WP The Podcast is a highly-informative, content-rich 10-minute-long podcast that releases episodes daily.

Created to help the WordPress professional success in reaching their business goals, WP The Podcast covers engaging and captivating topics revolving around WordPress, web development, marketing and business.

In the following post, we recap a collection of previous episodes from WP The Podcast.


Episode 215: Is It Okay to Use Non .com Website Domains?

WP The Podcast Episode 215

Episode 215 discusses top-level domains (TDLs) and what to do if a .com domain is taken. In the episode, David and Tim share why .com is a beneficial and why, and how, some other TLDs may harm your rankings. There are a bunch of new TLDs available, such as .world, .earth, .co, .agency, which could be worked into your business name or branding.


Episode 216: How to Stop WordPress Comment Spam

WP The Podcast Episode 216

Episode 216 shares a number of ways in a WordPress webmaster can help stop receiving. In the episode, useful tricks are shared for preventing spam comments, such as enabling Captcha, using a plugin such as Akismet, enabling comment moderation and to turning off comments altogether.


Episode 217: How to fix the “Destination Folder Already Exists” Error in WordPress

WP The Podcast Episode 217

Episode 217 explains what should be done to fix the Destination Folder Already Exists error that occurs when the user tries to upload a plugin or theme that is already on your website. In this episode, David and Tim walk through the steps involved to solve this frustrating problem, including logging onto the website’s server via FTP or cPanel to remove the file that’s returning the error.


Episode 218: Why You Should Always Track Your Time While Building WordPress Websites

WP The Podcast Episode 218

Episode 218 discusses why it’s important to time track while building a website. Vital for productivity and time/energy management, paying attention to the time spent on a web project is key for the web developer to know how much they can bid for a project. In the episode, there are two great apps shared, Setapp and Freshbooks, that’ll help time track a project among other great business, marketing and financial management tasks.


Episode 219: Why You Should Invest in Continuing Education as a WordPress Professional

WP The Podcast Episode 219

Episode 219 discusses why it’s important to invest in continuing education as a WordPress professional. From adding more value to clients, increasing fees,  growing an income base and staying up to date with trends and other current developments, there are plenty of benefits to investing in continuing education. In this day and age, where marketing avenues change and pivot frequently, there is always a new path to explore and skill to learn.


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