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Divi Ghoster 4.0 Beta – Members Only


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Divi Ghoster

Beta Version – (members only)

Instantly White Label Your Divi or Extra Website. Divi Ghoster removes all traces of the Divi or Extra theme from the front end, back end, and source code of your website. Custom brand your website in seconds.

Fully Customize Your Website’s Branding with Divi Ghoster

White Label Your Divi Website in Seconds!

Elegant Themes’ Divi and Extra (also powered by the Divi Builder) are two of the most powerful and customizable themes on WordPress. But there are cases where you don’t want people to know you used one of them to build your (or your client’s) website.

Hide the Divi and Extra Theme from Theme Detectors and Users

Divi Ghoster allows you to hide your use of the Divi or Extra theme from anyone who views or uses your website, even if they have full access to the back end. Even better, you can automatically replace all Divi/Extra branding with the custom branding and logo of your choice.

Hide Divi and Extra Theme Related Plugins

And with the Ultimate Ghoster feature, you can even hide your use of Divi/Extra related plugins, including Divi Ghoster!

Divi Ghoster Features

Remove all traces of Divi or Extra from the back and the front end of a website.

Divi Ghoster makes Divi or Extra completely invisible, no matter where someone looks.

Replace all Divi or Extra-related branding with your
(or your client’s) own logo, color scheme

The Themes page on the back end of your website will now show your custom branded theme instead of Divi or Extra.

The Divi Builder will still be available, but it won’t be called the Divi Builder
anymore. The Divi logo and brand name will be replaced by your own logo and brand name, or your client’s logo and brand name.

Turn on Ultimate Ghoster to hide all Divi
or Extra-related plugins

Switch on Ultimate Ghoster to hide all Divi/Extra-related plugins, including Divi Switch, Divi Rocket, Aspen Footer Editor, Divi Icon Party, WP and Divi Icons, Divi Overlays, Divi Bars and Divi Booster. Plugins won’t appear on the WordPress dashboard or even on the plugins page!

Ultimate Ghoster also completely hides all traces of Divi Ghoster being installed.To access Ghoster you will need to use a specified link (provided within the plugin’s dashboard) or a keyboard shortcut (NEW!).

Make Divi/Extra undetectable in the website source code

Now, when inspecting your website by, for example, using the Google Chrome Developer Tools, instead of the source code displaying the ‘Divi’ or ‘Extra’ slug,
it will reflect your custom slug entered in the Branding Name tab.

Intuitive and easy to use

Setting up Divi Ghoster settings is anything but complicated. With just a few clicks, you can add your branding and your client’s details and be up and running in seconds.

Divi Builder Color Customizer

Quickly change the appearance of the Divi Theme on the frontend and backend to match your desired branding! Specify your own colors to match your or your client’s brand colors. The Color Customizer works with the Divi Visual Builder, Divi Backend Builder, Divi Options Page, Divi Theme Builder Page, and even Divi Role Editor Page!

Hide Divi/Extra from most WordPress theme detector tools and websites

Theme detectors websites and plugins will not be able to detect and display what theme are you using and will show that you are using your custom-
branded theme. Put your web build into stealth mode with ease and prevent targeted attacks since the hackers can’t figure out where the common
vulnerabilities are.

Remove Divi and Extra from all website slug text

Make all future updates appear as updates to your custom branded theme
(with no mention of Elegant Themes, Divi, or Extra). Hide the Divi/ Extra theme screenshot, author and name. You can also choose to completely hide the
updates and appearance page!

Hide the specific Divi Pages from Dashboard

There are lots of things in the Divi Theme Options that your clients don’t need to see or use. Divi Ghoster allows you to hide the Theme Settings Tab with a single click! You can also choose to hide only specific pages under the Divi Theme Menu (Divi Builder Theme, Divi Support Page, Divi Editors Role, Divi Library Page).

Hide WordPress Pages from the Dashboard

Hide any advanced settings and options that could potentially cause confusion for your clients. Enhance your clients’ user experience by simplifying the options that are available to them, or hiding certain functionalities that they may not need.

Hide the WordPress Logo and Footer

If a client is unfamiliar with WordPress and not very technical minded, seeing the WordPress logo may lead to some confusion on their end. Hiding unnecessary elements may help avoid confusion, and make it more clear that it is the client company’s website.

Hide the Default Dashboard Widgets

Customize your dashboard page with few clicks, including hiding default widgets. This feature is quick and easy to use and makes your dashboard clean and more user friendly for your clients!

Create custom Dashboard Widgets with the new Divi Builder (coming in the next version!)

Create a Branded Dashboard for WordPress admin. This is a perfect solution when you are building client sites. Share important information, contact details or up-sell your services easily. All you need to do is create a layout with Divi and then select it to use as your Dashboard Welcome Screen.

Customize the default WordPress login page

The Divi Login customizer allows you to change the default WordPress logo on the login page and replace it with whichever logo you have chosen in the Divi Theme Options menu. You can also use the customizer to change the colors to match your desired branding. If you revise the logo or colors, the changes are automatically reflected on the login page and available in a live preview. The link which normally takes you to WordPress.org, now takes you to your homepage. Make as many visual changes to the current login menu as you wish!

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Divi Ghoster 4.0 Beta – Members Only


All price options are billed annually (except for Lifetime Membership). You may cancel your subscription at any time. Products subject to a yearly license for support and updates. View terms.

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