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Watch David Blackmon, the CEO of Aspen Grove Studios, talk about the benefits of membership.

Aspen Grove Studios was founded in  2015 by David and Cory, where they launched popular Divi products that solved major pain points in those early days, including the Divi Footer Editor and Divi Ghoster. They also launched the wildly popular learning platform, the Divi Demo Zone, which included nearly 30 custom designed layouts and is still one of the most utilized learning resources to date.

Four years later after two company acquisitions, Divi Space and Potent Plugins, as well as nearly 100 free and premium products, Aspen Grove Studios is now a leader in WordPress and Divi. Join us on our journey as we contnue to create and innovate in WordPress.

Reasons to Join

Premium Child Themes and Layouts

Get immediate access to all of our Premium Divi child themes and Divi layout packs, free for use on unlimited sites. Our Divi Child Themes come with exclusive custom designed icon packs for use on any commercial projects with creative commons licensing.

Must Have Divi Plugins

Get immediate access to some of the highest rated, best Divi plugins from one of the oldest Divi product creators. Developed to make your websites perform better than the rest, use our collection of expertly engineered Divi plugins whenever you want.

Exclusive Discount on Courses

Get exclusive discounts up to 20% off on all of our amazing courses. Join thousands of students in an exclusive community geared to teach you all things WordPress and business. Courses are detailed and taught with students in mind.

WordPress Themes and Plugins

Get immediate access to our WordPress plugins that cater to developers and DIYers. With the release of Gutenberg get access to the 42 theme and all of its premium custom blocks. The 42 theme will come with custom designed child themes for any business niche.

VIP Support Included

If you ever run into trouble using one of our products, our team of award-winning customer care specialists will help you trouble shoot and problem solve. We have a dedicated full-time support staff ready to help troubleshoot any problem.

WooCommerce Plugins

Product Sales Report Pro will help you track important sales data to help maximize conversions. Export Order Items Pro for WooCommerce generates in-depth data exports that provide details of customers’ product purchases. Our WooCommerce plugins save you time and money.

Save Up To 90%

With massive savings of up to 90% on all of our themes, child themes, plugins, layouts, courses and more, joining our Annual Membership will pay for itself in no time.

Access to All Future Products

Get access to all product releases as well as priority status alerts on all of our future product releases, special offers, sale deals, and more.

Exclusive Early Access for Members

Get exclusive early access to all new products released 2 weeks before anyone else does. You’ll have a leg up on the competition.

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What’s Included?

Divi Plugins

Make impactful changes to your Divi website without touching a line of code.

Aspen Grove Studios is one of the first third-party developers to produce products for Divi with Divi Switch and Divi Footer Editor. Our Divi plugins add new features to the already powerful Divi platform, helping you provide unique features to your specific audience and improving your website on the backend.

Divi Switch

Considered the Swiss Army Knife for Divi, where a simple site edit would have taken a user a considerable amount of time to research and execute, Divi Switch lets Divi users of all skill levels bypass laborious and time-consuming code work with one nifty plugin. With over 50 available switches, each of which can quickly be enabled or disabled in hundreds of different combinations.

Divi Extras

Bridging the gap between Elegant Themes’ two legendary WordPress frameworks, Divi and Extra, Divi Extras introduces seven new content-focused modules into the Divi Builder. Previously only available for use in the Extra theme, the seven new modules added into the Divi Builder will help web designers create exceptional page layouts that will truly stand out from the crowd.

WP and Divi Icons

Available as both a free and premium plugin, the WP and Divi Icons (formerly the Divi Icon Expansion Pack) and the WP and Divi Icons PRO plugins add over 2500 icons to both WordPress and the Divi Theme Framework!

Page Builder Everywhere

With the Page Builder Everywhere plugin, you’ll be able to extend the reach of the Divi Builder plugin to outside of its standard scope to include the use of customizable modules in a range of new exciting areas, sections, and pages.

Add icons, breadcrumbs, amazing testimonials, edit the footer, use Extra’s blog modules with Divi, white-label your Divi installations, use the page builder anywhere, create widgets, migrate your theme settings, customize login screens, select colors, create popups, and lots more.

Our Divi plugins are professionally coded and lightweight so your website’s speed isn’t impacted by adding new features.


Save countless hours with attractive and engaging child themes.

Get over 30 custom designed premium Divi child themes developed and designed to convert for your clients. Expertly crafted with everything you need in a multitude of genres such as eCommerce, business, non profits, photography, web designers and agencies and many many more. We also have all-purpose child themes to suit any need including a few child themes for the Extra theme.

Divi Business Pro

Perfect for businesses looking to create an impactful online presence, Divi Business Pro is an attractive, feature-rich child theme that’s designed to showcase a business’s product or service offerings in a truly memorable and engaging way.

Divi eCommerce

Perfect for businesses looking create an impactful online presence, divi ecommerce is an attractive, feature-rich child theme that’s designed to showcase a business’s product or service offerings in a memorable and engaging way.

Divi Photography 

-Designed to help photographers showcase their creative work with style, the Divi Photography comes complete with every feature needed to run a successful photography business online. With a beautiful aesthetic, plenty of premium features and extremely powerful additions, the Divi Photography will help photographers catapult their careers.

Divi Nonprofit

Designed to help organizations make their mark on the world, Divi Nonprofit is a multi-functional, deeply feature rich and simply beautiful child theme that’ll help nonprofit organizations and businesses of similar esteem communicate their offering and achieve their goals.

Our Divi child themes include specialized features with plugin integration, creating a turn-key solution so you only need to add your own content. Images and custom icons are included. The custom icons can be used in your projects under Creative Commons Licensing. Files include PSD, AI, PNG, SVG, JPG formats.

Built for both performance and beauty, our child themes are easy to use and customize to suit your specific needs and branding.


Customize your eCommerce store with powerful plugins for WooCommerce.
Enhance your WooCommerce shop with our exclusive WooCommerce plugins. Created to help get higher conversions, make more sales and manage your online store with efficiency.

Export Order Items Pro

With the Export Order Items Pro plugin, users can export order details for use in order fulfillment and data analysis applications. The plugin facilitates both manual data processing as well as data import into accounting, fulfillment, and analysis software applications that do not support direct integration with WooCommerce.

Product Sales Report Pro

The exported data will offer an overview of the sales performance of individual WooCommerce products, helping brands refine their online sales strategies. Product Sales Report Pro can export data into a range of formats (XLSX, XLS, HTML, or CSV) for further analysis in compatible software.

The Frontend Reports for WooCommerce

Helps businesses display WooCommerce sales reports directly within the frontend of their WordPress website. This is an incredible tool for WooCommerce store managers and webmasters who would like to display sales-related data without any hassle or manual effort.

Add several reporting features including sales reports, email reports, and frontend reports. Add the ability to export your order data for use offline. Connect your WooCommerce shop to Zoho CRM.

Our WooCommerce plugins work with any theme so there are no limits in building your WooCommerce store.


Extend your experience, modify, customize and enhance a WordPress site with ease.
Add new features and expand the functionality of any WordPress website with our amazing WordPress plugins. Membership gives you access to over 20 of the top WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and Divi plugins on the market.

The Frontend Reports for WooCommerce

Helps businesses display WooCommerce sales reports directly within the frontend of their WordPress website.As opposed to generating a report manually and emailing the report, the Frontend Reports for WooCommerce add-on plugin lets users present a report on the frontend of a website.

Custom CSS and JavaScript Developer Edition

Perfect for WordPress users who are looking for an easy way to supercharge a WordPress website, the Custom CSS and JavaScript plugin allows users to write CSS and JavaScript with an intuitive custom code editor.


Improve your web design and online marketing skills now.

With over 1000 students, it’s safe to say our WordPress courses are popular. You’ll learn how to use CSS and JavaScript inside Divi as well as how to build your own modules. Our premium courses will help you truly master the craft of building websites with Divi, so you can easily attract more business, charge higher rates, and delight your clients.

Select Courses are FULLY INCLUDED with Lifetime Membership and 20% off with Annual Membership.

Courses include video, written material, downloads, examples, webinars, a Facebook group, Q&A, and more. Each course includes certification. Master a course and boost your career in just 8 weeks. Our courses were designed and taught by the best in the business. You can rest assured that if we teach it, then we’ve perfected it.


Build beautiful websites at rapid speed with a collection of layout packs.

With over 25 custom layouts and landing pages, you can build your websites quickly and easily and have a professional look every time. Our layout packs include images and custom icons and can be used in your projects under Creative Commons Licensing. Files contain PSD, AI, PNG, SVG, JPG formats.

Popular Divi Layout Packs Include:

  • Fitzgerald – a multi-page layout pack with designers and architects in mind. It focuses on your portfolio and services while providing an elegant blog to share your knowledge.
  • Lafayette – a multi-page layout pack for mission-focused organizations. It has a strong call to action and helps you share information about projects, partners, news in the field, and more.
  • Tim – excellent for showing your handyman services, this layout pack includes everything you need to grow your local services business.
  • Mandy – tell your wedding story with this multipage layout pack, while providing information about the bride and groom, the wedding time and location, the registry, and an RSVP.

Our multi-page layout packs include the expected home page, about page, blog, projects, gallery, contact, shop, and more. They also include custom pages designed specifically for their genre including RSVP, Hire Us, Artists, Get a Quote, Take Action, and lots more. We also have custom landing pages, contact forms, email forms, and more.

Use as much or as little of the layout packs you want. Mix and match, blend and customize to create something that’s uniquely yours.


Simple to work with and highly customizable icon packs.
Download hundreds of icons to use in your projects so they stand out from the crowd. Topics cover everything from business to non-profit to podcasting to general use. They include detailed and basic shapes.

Our list of icon packs includes:

  • 301 free custom designed icons
  • 48 Multicolor Icon Pack
  • 100 Universal Icon Pack
  • 100+ Nonprofit Icon Pack
  • 35+ Podcast Icons

Art styles include line-drawn and hand-drawn artwork to ensure you’ll find the perfect icon for your website. Icon packs contain solid colors, multiple colors, and lined icons.

Our icon packs can be used in your projects under Creative Commons Licensing. Files include PNG, SVG, PSD, AI, and EPS formats. The PSD, AI, and EPS formats can be customized with photo editing software to fit your creative design.


We offer a 14-day money back guarantee
If you are not happy with your products, we will refund your purchase. No questions asked!


49 reviews and all 5 stars? Must be fake! Well, not this time. I never write reviews really but WOW Aspen Grove Studios can have my review any day. The price, service and communication is great. When I have issue with my website the customer care replies within a day with a step by step tutorial and even screenshots. Lovely.

Shohan Shah

I have purchase many items from Aspen Grove and been very happy with them. I purchased the lifetime membership since they have consistently had great items. I recently had a CSS issue and they promptly assisted me in fixing my site. I have had to contact them a total of 2 times and have been very happy with their support and excellent customer service.

Korey Brooks

Well developed plugins and other assets that are practical and extremely useful. When developing a website, Aspen Grove Studios’ products certainly help take a load of frustration off my back. Not only that, their support for these products is second to none!

Jeff Blakemore

I love the products at Aspen Grove Studios but their service was the best part of being a customer of theirs. I highly recommend doing business with them.

Joseph Scott