Introducing the All-New Aspen Grove Studios!

Welcome to the brand new Aspen Grove Studios!

After months of hard work, we’re excited to announce the official launch of the new Aspen Grove Studios brand! A lot has changed over the past few months: we have a new website, we have a larger team and we’ve changed up our payment structure.

Ready to see what’s new? Let’s dive in!

Firstly, as most of you in the Divi community may already know, earlier this year we, the founders of Aspen Grove Studios, acquired Divi Space.

Founded by Stephen ‘SJ’ James, the Divi Space brand has become synonymous with exceptional Divi-related products. In order to help Divi Space reach new levels of innovation and customer service, Aspen Grove Studios added Divi Space into its portfolio.

SJ James is still a valued part of the team and developing the same great plugins for Divi, except now, they’re going to be sold from two great websites, not just one. Also, as a part of the Aspen Grove Studios family, Divi Space will now be receiving the extra special Aspen Grove Studios touch, and so, each and every Divi Space customer query will be answered by our team of superb support staff.

Each new product, as well as all of the old favorites, will be sold from both the Aspen Grove Studios and the Divi Space websites. It doesn’t matter where you purchase from, you’ll still get the same, great products!

As well as releasing innovative products that’ll help you supercharge your web development projects, we’ll continue to keep testing, developing and supporting all of our existing products. Our promise to our customers is that every single one of our products will always be made to be – and will stay – 100% compatible with the latest versions of WordPress, Divi, and Extra… this is made even simpler for the customer with the return of automatic software updates!

This brings us to our second new feature…

To offer new levels of value to both the Aspen Grove Studios and Divi Space customers, we’ve included an awesome All Access membership plan for our products.

Now, instead of purchasing each product individually, you’re able to buy a membership plan and gain access to the full portfolio of every product developed by both Divi Space and Aspen Grove Studios.

For customers that know exactly what they like, the option to make a one-off, a la carte purchase is still available, but for those that want incredible value from one single purchase billed annually, the membership plan is for you!

With a membership plan, you’ll get access to each and every Divi and WordPress plugin, Divi and Extra child theme, Divi layout pack and much, much more! This is a huge saving for Divi web designers as these products can be used at any time, on any number of web builds.

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As well as access to the awesome plugins, child themes and layout packs, purchasing a membership also includes insider access to exclusive offers and deals, as well as download rights for the Divi Demo Zone (the Demo Zone is free forever for anyone who signs up, but members are able to download each Divi layout and use them in their web builds).

Whether you’ve just started learning Divi or you’re an experienced Divi web designer that’s busy refining your craft or process, a membership plan with access to all of our products is the way to go!

If you’re a hardcore Divi Space fan, you’ll remember the collection of free plugins on the site. As these old plugins were free, they were unsupported, and it was difficult to offer full support for these items. 

Now, all of these plugins will be included in the membership plan and will get the Aspen Grove Studios treatment. This means you’ll receive top-notch support for all queries and concerns for each of these plugins, and, they’ll also be updated regularly to ensure that they’ll always be compatible with WordPress and Divi and/or Extra.

What if you already own products from either Aspen Grove Studios or Divi Space?

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!

If you’re an existing customer of either Aspen Grove Studios or Divi Space, all of your purchases will be carried over to either of the new websites, and your purchases will be grandfathered in at an Unlimited Lifetime level.

If you have any questions about the process or are having trouble accessing your products, send us an email to and one of our support staff will answer your queries as soon as possible!

Next up, we’re thrilled to present you with our brand new website. We loved our old site, particularly the use of the Extra theme, but thought that a new look and feel for the Aspen Grove Studios brand was needed.

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We built the new website using our all-time favorite WordPress theme, Divi. We refined our use of type and color and opted for a streamlined, minimalistic layout.

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We redesigned each of our customer touch points and created an all-new user experience of the Aspen Grove Studios brand. With this, we have reimagined the online purchase process, restructured the member’s login section and have also launched an exciting new affiliates program.

We also restructured our product documentation section to help new users as they start using Aspen Grove Studios products, and too, made our support ticket submission process far easier for users that required additional help.

The Divi Demo Zone also got a makeover!

Traditionally, the Demo Zone was free to access and use, and it still is, and always will be! If you’re starting out with Divi, the Divi Demo Zone is an excellent resource for you to use as it’ll show you exactly how to create page compositions using the Divi Builder.

While the Divi Demo Zone is free forever, we wanted to add more value to its offering for the more serious users.

With this, we decided to add the layout packs themselves to the membership plan. Now, by purchasing a membership plan, you’re able to download any layout from the Demo Zone and use it in your web design project!

And, since these Demo Zone layouts are included in our membership plans, they’ll get the same awesome Aspen Grove Studios support!

Disclaimer: Please note that the Divi Demo Zone is currently unavailable due to routine maintenance but will return online shortly!

With all of these changes, we’d also like to give you, our loyal customers, a heads up as to what you can expect in the next while.

We’ll be launching the highly anticipated WP The Podcast. Here, Aspen Grove Studios co-founder, David Blackmon, will be joined alongside Divi Life founder, Tim Strifler, where, on a daily basis, they’ll discuss all things WordPress and web development.

Then, as our promise to keep innovating and creating awesome products and resources for the Divi community, we’ll be releasing a minimum of one new product per month. That’s either one new plugin, a child theme or a layout pack that you can use for your web development projects!

As leaders in the WordPress and Divi plugin and child theme industry, Aspen Grove Studios will continue to develop and release powerful plugins, beautiful child themes, easy-to-use layout packs and exclusive member deals to keep helping our customers develop better websites.

We want to hear from you!

How can we help your web development business? Do you have an idea for a plugin or is there a particular child theme you’d like to see created? Share your thoughts below in the comments section. We love receiving your feedback!

Thanks for reading!

Lisa-Robyn Keown

Lisa-Robyn is a qualified copywriter and brand strategist from Cape Town, South Africa.

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  1. Terry Hale

    Massive kudos, this is great! I’m really happy for the AGS team. To future growth!

  2. Nate Maingard

    Congrats on the big update everyone! Would you say this would be useful for someone like me, who just has one site I build and maintain myself? Maybe a bit overkill, right?

  3. Franc Fritz Murgelj

    Congratulations on the new website and I welcome the new business model. But I’m wondering when I will as your customer see my purchased products in my account? I’m seeing them on Divi Space, but not at may AGS profile.

    All the best


    • David Blackmon

      Hi Fritz it seems my comment responding to your comment went missing so I am re-replying (if that’s a thing LOL) Please submit an email to so that we can help assist in this please. Some customer data got missed on the migration to the new site and I apologize for the inconvenience.


  4. psychiatry

    1) What serious limitations did the EXTRA theme have that forced you to switch to the DIVI theme to re-do the AspenGroveStudio’s website? I would think that EXTRA can do anything that DIVI can. So EXTRA’s limitations are important to know to help choose between DIVI and EXTRA

    2) How did you style your new category and archive pages? It’s very nice. Is it built into DIVI, did you use a plug-in, or did you have to do custom coding if DIVI can’t do this?

    • David Blackmon

      Hi Pychiatry,

      1) There are no limitations with Extra, Extra is quite powerful actually and we loved it. We were just ready for a change :). We may release our old design on Extra as a child theme and add it to the membership.

      2) The category and archive pages, much like the entire site were custom designed and coded. We will probably release some layout packs and do some blog posts on how to do it as we are receiving quite a few comments asking “how we did this or that”. Look for that in the future on our blog. If you’re not subscribed to our mailing list go ahead and get subscribed.

      I hope this helps answer your question.


  5. psychiatry

    I like the look of the new site.

    Can you sell it as a child-theme for DIVI – including the look of the category and archive pages?


    • David Blackmon

      Thank you very much, we will probably be releasing tutorials and blog posts as well as layout packs in the near future to show you how we do some of the things we do.

  6. David Blackmon

    Hey everyone just a heads up regarding comments. We had to restore the database late last night and some comments are missing. We do not ever delete any comments. I apologize if this happened. We also reply to every comment (or try to). I replied to all yesterday but will respond to all again today! Wish me luck!

  7. Tim

    Your Demo Zone is still closed down. Going on a week now from the posted disclaimer in your Introduction “Disclaimer: Please note that the Divi Demo Zone is currently unavailable due to routine maintenance but will return online shortly!”

    And you have a team of people? Who all work in web design and functionality? Seriously? Who’s idea was it to launch a new website that does not work? “Ta-da! Here’s a new product! And oh, guess what – it doesn’t work.”

    • David Blackmon

      Hi Tim I apologize for the inconvenience of the Demo Zone being down. It should be back up and functioning next week some time we hope. I am a little confused however and am not sure which new product doesn’t work? Are you under the impression the Demo Zone is a place to try our products? It’s actually a free learning resource for Divi. You can check out the landing page here to see exactly what it is.

      Unfortunately it had to take a back seat due to customer support. I hoe this helps and I appreciate your patience.


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