How to promote your WordPress Business using Pinterest

How to promote your WordPress Business using Pinterest

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest has been around since 2010 already and if you haven’t heard about it yet, then you’ve been missing out for sure. Social networking sites have a lot in common, but what makes Pinterest stand out from the rest?

Think of a cork board in your office. You may even have one in your own bed room. It’s where you pin important details like a Pinterest image 2note on a big meeting or a coupon you want to use on a Friday night. Even with the advent of Android and iOS productivity applications, nothing beats seeing everything in one place at once. Pinterest works that way. It’s an online cork board that’s optimized to make your life easier.

Say, you want to buy new shoes. You don’t have the money yet so you’re just looking around and see what fits the budget so that when pay day comes you can make that purchase. As you look around the internet, you see a lot of shoes you like. You can’t make a decision right away. You want the shoes to be something worth saving for— a choice you won’t regret.

What Pinterest allows you to do is to pin those choices on your cork board so you can go back to it when you have more time to ponder on which shoes to buy. It’s like a better way to bookmark things. You don’t bookmark the entire page. A web page can be refreshed and updated. You are not interested in the other things on the site. There are a lot of items in the catalog. With Pinterest, you can bookmark the post like the photo of that shoes you want. That photo gets pinned on your pin board and you can go back to it when you want to, there’s a link that redirects you to the site where you can make a purchase when you’ve finally decided.

You can make a pin board about anything. You can dedicate a board on shoes or fitness tips. You can just make a pin board on a topic you are interested in so that when you come across content, such as a blog post, you can just pin it and read it later.

What makes Pinterest social is that your pin board can be viewed by your friends. Sharing information is so visual and so easy. You can also make pins private.

Impact of Pinterest on Business

Picture3Knowing what Pinterest allows a user to do will make any business owner understand how they can use Pinterest to promote their products and services. There are 100 million monthly active users on Pinterest and it is the 3rd most visited social networking site. That’s a big market. If you are running a WordPress business, you can benefit so much from Pinterest as what was mentioned earlier, pins can redirect users to the actual site. Your main site gets traffic that could be converted to an actual sale.

How to promote your WordPress Business using Pinterest

Now if you are already convinced that your business needs Pinterest, let’s get to the main juice of the article: How to promote your WordPress Business using Pinterest.

  1. Set up your profile correctly


 Depending on the kind of WordPress business you have, you must plan out how to set up your profile. You may use your company name or, if you think you have the charisma and influence, you can use yourself. It really depends on the kind of business you have. Whether you use the company or yourself, you have to stick with it and make sure you remain consistent.

If ever you use yourself to market your business on Pinterest, make sure that people won’t get confused and that you use the company name or the website name properly so that you develop a recall for the brand.

Remember to choose a unique but professional display photo.

  1. Be subtle yet strong


When making your pin boards, don’t think of it as if it’s just a mere replica of your main WordPress site. Your Pinterest is an extension, not a copy. You do not have to be redundant with the posts. Sure, you can pin everything that is on your site but don’t make your profile saturated.

Make boards that are related to your business but not all about your business. That way, people will be more interested in subscribing to you and your posts because they know you have good stuff to share and not just a repost of what you already have on your website.

For example, if you are a site that sells furniture, you can make a board on Interior Design where you can feature not only your own products but also unique living room designs without posting something from a competitor. You can share a pin on someone’s infographic on furniture. You can also share a video of an interview of a renowned designer such as Zaha Hadid and how she uses furniture in the design of her buildings. The list goes on. There are a lot of things that you can share. People will follow your boards because they know they’ll see something interesting on it. When you post a pin of your product, they will check it out too because you’ve made a reputation for yourself already. They know that post is something interesting because you only post the interesting stuff.

Proper choice of content and scheduling is the key to success.

  1. Stalk your audience


In order for you to make the proper choice of content, you have to know who your target market is. Once you earn followers, stalk their profiles. What do they usually pin? What are other things they’re interested in that can relate to your business? When do they usually go online? Gather as much data as you can and process the information. Think of a way on how to get them engaged.

See what’s trending and go with the flow. Use the common hashtags but have your own unique hashtag. Most importantly, remember the hashtags your audiences commonly use.

These are just three of the many tips on how to use Pinterest for your WordPress Business. With some creativity, you can even develop an effective practice of your own. Don’t miss out. Start pinning!

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